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"Nothing but high praise for this product. I bought the Power Steps for my Ford Excursion (2002 model) and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the kit I received. All the components are truly high-grade, as opposed to cheap plastic parts that other brands offer. It was easy to install and the whole system is still working like new after almost 3 months of use.

The LED lights are also a nice added touch. They make it easy to get in and out of the truck even in dark places."

"High truck steps always kept me from buying all the models that I've always wanted (being an admittedly short bloke). Thanks to Power Steps, I can now seamlessly get in and out of my Hummer. I like how the steps smoothly drop down from under the vehicle and how they can easily be hidden from view when not in use. I will definitely recommend them to my short-legged friends who are just as fond of huge vehicles as I am!"

"Overall, the Power Steps are great. However, installation is not as easy as it appears. Between taking down the original running boards from my truck to figuring out which part goes where, installation can be a real challenging task. I could have saved great time hiring a machinist to do the work, but being the DIY-guy that I am, I decided to give the kit a go. The instructions were easy enough to understand, but it took me a good 7 hours to get all the parts right. Word of advice: get a professional installer if you don't want to waste half a day on installation. Nevertheless, this product works real great once installed!"

"Quality- and appearance –wise, the Power Step is easily the best I've seen. The running board swings out smoothly from under my SUV and is obscured from view when not in use. The whole mechanism does not only look sturdy, as it can support a lot of weight!"

"I modified my Wrangler with 35-inch DVinci wheels, which added a great deal of height to my off-roader beast. I'm so glad I bought Power Steps, which made it much easier to climb in and out of the truck, especially on uneven terrains. Delivery was fast and installation was a breeze, even with my slightly "overly modified" jeep. All components seem to be of high quality and you can't really find anything to complain about the running boards, which are truly lightweight. The steps traction preventing slips and falls (which I am prone to)."

"Now you see them, now you don't! These power steps really do tuck away neatly. I was tired of my ugly running boards so I decided to get me one of these AMP steps my motorhead cousin and brother always talks about. The first time I took the steps out of the box, I was sure they were going to be great. About two hours later, I still couldn't get the installation right, so I called my brother in for help (even though I wanted to surprise both him and my cousin with my new toy). Thanks to my genius of a brother, the installation was done fast, and my truck got an instant makeover. No more ugly running boards!"

"Easy installation, sturdy components, and just overall excellent product. I've had mine for the past 6 months, and I still can't get used to the convenience of these steps. It is definitely an excellent investment!"

- John Doe