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Frequent Asked Questions

Thinking about getting AMP Research Power Steps for your own vehicle? Here are some FAQs to help you make your decision:

What is an AMP Research Power Step?

An AMP Research Power Step Unit is a full-length running board that is automatically deployed when triggered by the vehicle's own door latching system. The board is made out of aircraft grade aluminum with a textured no-slip surface to protect riders from accidents while exiting or entering a truck or SUV. Original AMP Research Power Ste units have weatherproof motors, in addition to durable and field-tested components to ensure lasting use.

Can the AMP Research Power Step support heavy load?

Built using ultra high-strength, military-grade, anodized, and Teflon-coated die-cast aluminum alloy components, each AMP Research Power Step can support up to 600 lbs of weight. This load capacity applies when the unit is at full extension. Note that it is not advisable to put any weight on the unit when the steps are not fully extended as the mechanism can get damaged. With proper use and maintenance, your Power Step can very well exceed its lifespan.

What is included in an AMP Research Power Step Kit?

Each Power Step kit includes two full-length running board assemblies for each side of the vehicle, an electric controller, two electric motors, wiring harness, and all the necessary hardware for mounting the unit. An integrated LED light system is also included in the package. All components are easy to install, provided you have enough experience in fixing these types of automotive mechanisms.

Is it compatible with my vehicle?

The AMP Research Power Step is compatible with a wide variety of trucks and SUVs from well-known automotive manufacturers. You can check your vehicle's compatibility at amp-research.com, which offers a list of automotive brands and vehicle models that can be installed with Power Step units. It is also possible to modify the Power Steps to fit your own vehicle, although doing so may void the device's warranty.  A good way to ensure your unit's performance is to ask your installer for a warranty before making any modifications on the unit.

What are the main features of the AMP Research Power Step Kit?

This proprietary product is one f the most innovative products available for vehicles. It includes automatic power-deploying running boards, low-profile, integrated LED light system, self-lubricating bushings, weatherproof motors, and a 5-Year (60,000 mile) warranty.