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Amp Research Steps

The AMP Research Steps Revolution

Introduction to AMP Research and Our Innovations

At AMP Research, innovation is the cornerstone of everything we do. Guided by the pioneering spirit of our founder, Horst Leitner, we've dedicated over two decades to enhancing the functionality and design of truck and van accessories. Our journey began with a focus on racing motorcycles and mountain bikes, but it wasn't long before we ventured into creating groundbreaking automotive solutions such as the PowerSteps, BedSteps, and Bed X-tenders.

Our flagship product, the PowerStep™ Automatic Running Board, has set a new standard in the industry, combining a powerful electric motor with an intuitive design that prioritizes ease of use and safety.

The AMP Research Steps Revolution

Understanding the amp research steps requires a look into the ethos that drives our team. We are not just about creating accessories; we're about inventing solutions that make everyday tasks more manageable and enhance the overall user experience. Each product in our lineup is a testament to this commitment.

In-Depth Insight into PowerSteps

The conception of PowerSteps was an answer to a simple yet common problem: the challenge of accessing high-profile vehicles safely and effortlessly. By reimagining the traditional running board, we developed an automated system that extends and retracts based on door usage, coupled with LED lights for improved visibility in low-light conditions.

Key Benefits:

  • Ergonomic design for ease of entry and exit.
  • Automatic deployment and retraction to preserve aesthetics and aerodynamics.
  • Enhanced safety with integrated LED lighting.

Integrating technology with practical design, these steps represent a leap forward in automotive accessory development, embodying the principles of innovation and utility that AMP Research stands for.

Exploring BedStep Solutions

The Original BedStep:

The challenge of accessing a truck bed is familiar to many. Our original BedStep addressed this by introducing a robust, non-slip platform that can be deployed with a simple foot tap. This innovation offers unmatched convenience, especially when your hands are full, and underscores our approach to practical problem-solving.

BedStep II:

Building on the success of the original, BedStep II expanded the utility to both sides of the cargo bed. This versatility ensures that users have easy access regardless of the loading scenario, highlighting our commitment to functional design that adapts to user needs.

Choosing Your AMP Step

Deciding on the right AMP step involves considering the specific needs of your vehicle and your daily activities. Whether it's the sleek, automatic nature of PowerSteps, the rear cargo access provided by BedStep, or the additional space afforded by the Bed X-tender, our product line caters to a wide range of requirements and preferences.

Installation and Maintenance


AMP Research has always stressed the importance of seamless integration, which is why our products are designed for straightforward installation. Comprehensive guides and customer support are readily available to ensure that adding our accessories to your vehicle is as hassle-free as possible.

Maintenance Tips:

Keeping your AMP steps in peak condition requires simple, routine maintenance. Regular cleaning to remove debris and the application of dry-film lubricant to moving parts will ensure longevity and reliable operation. Our customer support team is always on hand to provide detailed advice and answer any maintenance queries.

Real-World Applications and Customer Experiences

One aspect that truly sets AMP Research apart is the feedback from our community of users. Truck enthusiasts and professionals alike have shared countless stories of how our amp research steps have not only enhanced the functionality of their vehicles but have also contributed to safer, more efficient work environments. These real-world applications underline the tangible impact of our innovations on daily life and work.

Whether it's a contractor who appreciates the ease of accessing tools in the truck bed or a family that enjoys the added safety of PowerSteps during outings, the satisfaction of our customers is what drives us to continue innovating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How durable are AMP Research steps?

A: Designed with the outdoors and heavy usage in mind, our steps are built to withstand the elements and rigorous daily use. Durability is a hallmark of all our products, backed by comprehensive warranties.

Q: Can I install AMP Research accessories on any vehicle?

A: While we strive to cater to a wide range of vehicle models, compatibility can vary. We recommend checking specific product information for compatibility or reaching out to our support team for guidance.

Q: How do I purchase AMP Research steps?

A: Our products are available through authorized dealers and select online retailers. You can also contact our sales team directly for assistance in finding the right product and a trusted dealer near you.

Empowering Your Drive with AMP Research

In conclusion, the AMP research steps stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation, functionality, and design. Through continuous improvement and a deep understanding of our customers' needs, we aim to provide solutions that not only solve practical problems but also enhance the overall user experience. By choosing AMP Research, you're not just enhancing your vehicle; you're investing in products that bring real value and convenience to your daily life.

Choosing Your AMP Step

Who makes AMP Research steps?

AMP Research steps are designed and produced by AMP Research, a company founded by Horst Leitner in southern California. Our origins trace back over two decades, starting in the world of racing motorcycles and mountain bikes. Horst Leitner, our founder, is not just a figurehead; he's a motocross and motorcycle racing champion whose philosophy of blending utility with innovative design steers our direction. We're now globally acknowledged for creating ingenious, ergonomic, and highly functional accessories for trucks and vans, including the famed PowerSteps, BedSteps, and Bed X-tenders. Our dedication to quality and innovation has set us apart in the automotive accessories industry.

How far down do AMP Research steps go?

The exact descent of AMP Research steps can vary slightly depending on the specific model of the vehicle to which they're attached. Generally, our PowerSteps are engineered to provide a comfortable and safe stepping height that significantly reduces the effort required to enter and exit high-profile vehicles. When activated, the steps extend downward to create an optimal ergonomic stepping point, making them a perfect solution for truck and van owners seeking ease of access without compromising the vehicle's aesthetic appeal or aerodynamics. The thoughtful design is about marrying functionality with sleekness, ensuring that the steps provide utility without being obtrusive.

Are AMP Research steps sold in pairs?

Yes, AMP Research steps, specifically our PowerSteps, are typically sold in pairs to provide a cohesive, symmetrical installation on both sides of your vehicle. This ensures that no matter which side you choose to enter or exit from, you'll experience the same convenience and safety offered by our innovative steps. Our BedSteps and BedStep II, targeted towards easier cargo bed access, are sold individually since their installation and usage are focused on specific areas of the vehicle. Each product in our lineup is thoughtfully designed to meet different needs, but the focus on quality and user experience remains constant across the board.

Are AMP power steps worth it?

Without a doubt, AMP PowerSteps represent a significant investment in convenience, safety, and vehicle aesthetics that many of our customers find absolutely worthwhile. Think about it - no more awkward climbing or stretching to get into your truck, no compromise on your vehicle's sleek appearance, and enhanced safety with integrated, low-profile LED lighting. These are features that not only augment your day-to-day experience but also potentially increase your vehicle's resale value by adding sought-after accessories. The feedback we've received from truck owners who've installed PowerSteps often touches on how they can't imagine going back to a vehicle without them. It's about more than just an accessory; it's an upgrade to your vehicle's functionality and your quality of life.

What makes AMP Research steps unique?

What truly sets AMP Research steps apart is our relentless drive for innovation, backed by practical design. Each product embodies our motto of improving the user experience through thoughtful design and reliable performance. Our PowerSteps, for example, vanish underneath your vehicle when not in use, preserving the aesthetics and aerodynamics, which is a feature you'd be hard-pressed to find in conventional running boards. Then there's our BedStep solutions, offering robust, easy-to-use platforms for accessing the cargo area, enhancing usability without sacrificing style. It's this fusion of utility, design, and innovation that makes our steps unparalleled in the market. Coupled with Horst Leitner's pioneering vision, AMP Research steps aren't just accessories; they are essential upgrades that reflect a deep understanding of our customers' needs.


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