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Amp Research Power Step

Design and Innovation

Introduction to AMP Research Power Step

Welcome to AMP Research, where innovation meets functionality in the automotive accessory industry. Our flagship product, the amp research power step, has set a benchmark for electric running boards across the globe. Designed with a blend of practicality and sleek aesthetics, it epitomizes our commitment to enhancing the utility and accessibility of trucks and vans. Let's embark on a journey to explore the amp research power step, a product that has revolutionized vehicle access.

Design and Innovation

The Concept's Origin

The brainchild of Horst Leitner, our amp research power step was born out of a passion for combining design with utility. Horst's background in motocross and mechanical engineering fueled the creation of a product that not only enhances vehicle aesthetics but also offers unparalleled functionality.

Ergonomic Design

Our commitment to ergonomics is evident in every curve and movement of the amp research power step. With a focus on user-friendly operation, the steps automatically extend and retract, providing easy access without compromising the vehicle's profile. This seamless integration of design and functionality reflects our dedication to the user experience.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic Deployment: The steps extend when a door is opened, retracting after closure to maintain the vehicle's sleek appearance.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from die-cast aluminum with a military-grade PTFE coating, our steps are built to withstand the elements and the test of time.
  • Integrated LED Lighting: For added safety, each step includes low-profile LED lights, illuminating the board and the ground below.
  • High Load Capacity: Supporting up to 600 lbs., our power steps are designed for real-world use, ensuring reliability and durability.

Installation Insights

While we recommend professional installation to ensure optimal performance and safety, we've gone to great lengths to simplify the process. Each amp research power step kit includes a vehicle-specific mounting kit, detailed instructions, and, for newer models, a plug-n-play OBD II module for easy integration.

For the DIY enthusiasts, our installation videos offer step-by-step guidance, ensuring you can confidently install your new amp research power step and enjoy the convenience and safety benefits it brings to your vehicle.

Customer Experiences

At AMP Research, customer satisfaction is paramount. We've received countless stories from truck owners who've transformed their vehicle's accessibility with our power steps. From seniors finding it easier to enter their trucks to parents appreciating the added safety for their children, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our team takes great pride in these testimonials, as they underscore our commitment to improving the lives of our customers, one step at a time.

Maintenance Tips

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your amp research power step, regular maintenance is key. Simple procedures such as periodic cleaning of the step mechanism to prevent debris build-up and applying silicone spray to the linkage arms can make a significant difference. Remember, a little care goes a long way in extending the life of your power step.

Why Choose AMP Research?

Choosing AMP Research means investing in a product that blends innovative technology with uncompromising quality. Our power steps represent the pinnacle of automotive accessory design, offering unmatched functionality and reliability. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we continue to push the boundaries, ensuring that our products not only meet but exceed expectations.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, AMP Research remains committed to innovation and excellence. Our dedication to creating products that solve real-world challenges is unwavering. With exciting new designs and technologies on the horizon, we are poised to continue revolutionizing the automotive accessory space, ensuring our customers have access to the very best in vehicle enhancement solutions.

Get in Touch

Interested in learning more about the amp research power step or other AMP Research products? Our team is here to assist. Reach out to us via phone or email for personalized service and expert advice. Join the AMP Research family today and experience the difference quality and innovation can make in your vehicle.

Customer Experiences

Are AMP power steps worth it?

Absolutely, choosing AMP power steps is an investment in both the functionality and safety of your vehicle. Designed by our founder Horst Leitner, a former motocross and motorcycle racing champion, our power steps embody a blend of innovative technology and practical utility. They not only enhance vehicle accessibility but also maintain a sleek appearance when retracted, thanks to their automated deployment feature. For those who value quality, durability, and ergonomic design, our power steps are indeed worth every penny. Consider how transforming your vehicle with AMP power steps could elevate your daily interactions with your truck or van. Have you ever struggled with vehicle access or wished for a more seamless experience? Our power steps could be the perfect solution.

Who owns AMP Research Power Step?

AMP Research is a visionary company founded over two decades ago by Horst Leitner in Southern California. Horst's passion for utility combined with innovative design has driven our company to become a global leader in the automotive accessory industry. While Horst Leitner was the original creator and owner, AMP Research has grown and evolved over the years, now serving as a hallmark of quality and innovation in the automotive sector. The ethos of our founding continues to guide our operations and product development to this day. What aspects of vehicular enhancement are most important to you, and how can AMP Research meet those needs?

How far down does the amp research power step go?

The AMP Research Power Step is engineered for optimal functionality and accessibility. Upon deployment, the step extends approximately 10-12 inches below the vehicle's door, providing a comfortable and safe stepping height. This design is carefully crafted to suit a wide range of vehicles, ensuring that entry and exit are effortless for all users, regardless of height or physical ability. Have you ever found the step height of trucks or vans to be a challenge? Our power steps could revolutionize the way you interact with your vehicle.

How much weight can AMP Research power running boards hold?

Our AMP Research Power Running Boards are built to accommodate real-world use, supporting an impressive load capacity of up to 600 lbs. This robust performance is made possible through our use of high-quality materials, including die-cast aluminum with a military-grade PTFE coating. Durability and reliability are central to our design philosophy, ensuring that our power steps can withstand the rigors of daily use under various conditions. Whether you're a rugged adventurer or need reliable access for family and friends, our power steps are engineered to serve you reliably. How might this load capacity enhance your vehicle's functionality?

How easy is it to install AMP Power Steps?

While we recommend professional installation to ensure optimal performance and safety, we've designed our AMP Research Power Step kits with the enthusiast in mind. Each kit comes with a vehicle-specific mounting kit, detailed instructions, and for newer models, a plug-n-play OBD II module, greatly simplifying the integration process. For the DIY enthusiasts, our step-by-step installation videos provide additional guidance. We understand the importance of a smooth installation process and strive to make it as straightforward as possible. Have you considered installing AMP Power Steps yourself, or would you prefer professional installation to ensure everything is up to standard?


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