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AMP Research

You may already be familiar with the name Horst Leitner due to his many years as a motocross and motorcycle racing champion. When AMP Research was founded by Horst Leitner in southern California some twenty plus years ago, the company focus was primarily devoted to improving racing motorcycles and mountain bikes. Leitner has always combined utility and design into each and every invention he comes up with. Today, AMP Research is known and respected throughout the world for developing innovative, ergonomic and highly functional truck and van accessories such as PowerSteps, BedSteps and Bed X-tenders for work and recreational purposes.

AMP Research PowerStep™ Automatic Running Boards

Prior to Horst Leitner's invention of the AMP Research PowerStep™, there was no electric running board anything like it. The powerful yet quiet electric motor and ergonomically designed AMP PowerSteps are guaranteed to provide years of reliable service. Open a door, and the PowerStep moves into place. Close the door, and the PowerStep stows itself under the vehicle where it remains virtually out of sight until the next time a comfortable step up into or down out of the vehicle is required. You are sure to be thrilled when you realize how PowerSteps simplify the entry and exit of your truck or van. LED light kits can be incorporated into the running boards to provide additional safety after dark or on overcast days.

AMP BedSteps™

A pickup truck is a mighty handy vehicle to own, but there are times when accessing the cargo area is a bit of a problem. AMP BedSteps solve that problem. The flip-down mechanism of the original BedStep makes it super easy to deploy with a tap of your foot. When your arms are full of cargo to be loaded, you will surely appreciate how this feature makes it easy to step up into the truck bed. The AMP BedStep II is intended for use on either side of the cargo bed. Both the original AMP BedStep and the BedStep II are available right here on this website.

We are pleased to present the full line of reliable, attractive and very useful truck steps and running boards from AMP Research. PowerSteps, BedSteps and Bed X-tenders are big sellers because they're so entirely practical. Install any of them on your high profile vehicle, and you're guaranteed to enjoy them every time you use your truck. We stock and sell AMP accessories for Chevy, Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Jeep, GMC and other vehicles. In fact, there is not a truck model that cannot be outfitted with AMP accessories. If you have any questions or comments regarding any of the quality AMP Research gear we carry, give us a call or send us an email. We are always delighted to speak with other truck enthusiasts about these remarkable accessories.