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About Us

AMP Research is the originator and proprietor of the patented AMP Research Power Step and related products such as the AMP Research Bed Extender and AMP Research Bed Step. These innovative products are the standard for trusted automotive manufacturers, including GM, Ford, Cadillac, and Dodge, which are only some of the numerous companies that license our technology.

Quality Stamp

Authentic Power Step products always have an AMP Research stamp on the folding linkage arm. This will guarantee that your unit is an original AMP Research Power Step.

All AMP Research products are US-made: exclusively designed, engineered, and manufactured in the country and supported by a 5-year (60,000 mile) warranty. The die-cast linkage components of our products are made from highly durable and US-certified aluminum alloy, built to resist corrosion. To ensure quality and durability, components pass through a series of brutal environmental and strength tests, including a 1000-hour salt spray test.


The proprietary product—AMP Research Power Step—is covered by a total of 16 patents. It features weatherproof and OEM-quality motors, along with sealed connectors and wiring harnesses. The Power Step electronic controller also utilizes pressure sensitive and pinch-proof technology, while the aluminum step boards are coated with a high traction powder finish to ensure strong grip and durability. Each Power Step has a 600-pound load capacity on each side.

AMP Research Power Step Kit

Included in one Power Step kit are two electric motors, a wiring harness, electronic controller, and all the required mounting hardware for the full-length running board assemblies that go on either side of the vehicle (driver and passenger sides). Each kit also comes with an integrated, low profile LED system.

Guaranteed Performance

The AMP Research Power Step is specifically designed to withstand real world driving conditions. All units are tested for long term and harsh driving conditions and environments, including snow, ice, dirt, dust, and mud. Components are lightweight but guaranteed to deliver rock-solid performance, made from black-anodized and Teflon-coated aircraft-quality aluminum, which ensures maximum corrosion protection. All parts, including the heavy-duty electric motor and stainless-steel precision bearings and hinge points guarantee smooth and virtually maintenance-free operation even after decades of use.

AMP Research Tech Support

Working in the same building as the designers and engineers of the AMP Research Power Step, tech support is guaranteed to give you the best service possible. Our AMP Research customer service team is committed to high quality service, boasting more than 15 years of combined experience. Get the right answers and the correct parts delivered each time.