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Tuner Chip Brooklyn

Tuner Chip Brooklyn

All technological masterpiece needs improvement, something to aid easy usage, lift performance, and provide more efficiency, your automobile is not left out in the need of improvement.

Do you live in Brooklyn? do you need to improve your vehicle performance? There are a lot of upgrades and tweaks you can do with, and one of the easiest and most effective ways for improvement is to buy a Tuner chip, otherwise called a performance chip which provides several advantages for easy customizations of your vehicle.

What we do

At Dragon work performance, we are concerned about harnessing the limitless capabilities of technological equipment to improve life, we provide the latest in plug-in tuned performance, examining and identifying the right power programmers and tuners to serve your various need.

All our esteemed customers have to do is enter their vehicle information and the best chip is customized for their vehicle, with an easy 1-2-3 installation step to begin using.

Services we Render

Our Tuner chips are performance-oriented, available in all kinds of target aspects like:

  • Maximizing Fuel Economy

The average weather condition at a particular period has a direct effect on fuel consumption.

Chip your car and experience an increase in fuel economy up to 35% irrespective of the season or weather conditions.

  • Maximizing vehicle capabilities

The performance chip that is right for you is directly dependent on what you're driving, and what specific function you want to get out of it, from heavy load towing to mountain climbing, to high speeds, driving can be a lot easier and more fun when our power tuners and performance chips are included in the picture.

  • Increased performance 

When you allow us to chip your car, there is a telling difference between how it was and what you currently have, you will gain up to 45% in HP and Torque, that is, the specific ability and the force needed to twist conveniently, especially for sports cars. 

Benefits of Dragon Work Performance chips

  • Top Quality

The best and most efficient chip on the market is what is deployed for usage.

  • Low Fuel Consumption

We provide chips effectively suited for your vehicle, which can improve the fuel economy of your vehicle while still delivering more power.

  • Top performance

A 45% increase in Horsepower and Torque is a no-brainer in providing you with the best performance for your vehicle.

  • Easy Installations 

You do not need to be a tech or automobile expert before you fix them, they can be easily done in 1-2-3 installation steps which should take under 1 minute.

  • Lifetime Warranty 

You can own these chips for as long as you want with our limited lifetime warranty.

Although based in South Carolina USA, we serve individuals in and around the states including some of the best power programmers and tuners.

Be the first to know the updates on the latest chip available for your vehicle, we have 24/7 customer service available to put you in the know or you can shop for your customized performance chips here.

Tuner Chip Brooklyn
DragonWorks Performance Tuner Chip Brooklyn
3532 Spur Ct
Chino CA 91710

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