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Engine Oil Jackson County Oregon

Engine Oil Jackson County Oregon

Keeping your engine adequately maintained is essential to ensuring proper function. If your engine isn't lubricated it will cause serious and expensive damage. At Hays Oil Company we provide world-class fueling services and products including engine oil in Jackson County, Oregon. Our specialty is commercial Cardlock Network service and bulk fuel supply along with lubrication solutions for automotive, commercial, industrial and agricultural needs.

Maintenance Tips

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid costly repairs of your vehicle. Certainly, proper lubrication is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your truck. If you are a fleet owner you already know the importance of engine oil in Jackson County, Oregon. Before embarking on any long journey you should always check the oil.

Although the oil may have been recently checked, it is best to check it again before you get started on your trip. Taking just a few minutes for this important step could save you hours of time with a stalled rig and hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

In addition to checking the oil, you should also check the radiator fluid level. Overheating is a major cause of problems on the road. If your coolant is low the engine will overheat and could be permanently damaged. You don't want to get on the road with low engine oil.

It is also important to check tire pressure. A tire could blowout if it is improperly inflated. A tire blowout can cause the rig to become difficult to steer and it could result in an accident. Tire pressure can change due to weather conditions and temperature so they need to be checked on a regular basis, preferably before each and every trip.

Engine Oil in Jackson County, Oregon

At Hays Oil Company we carry a large variety of engine oil in Jackson County, Oregon. Hays oil is just one of the many products we sell. We offer many types of conventional and synthetic engine oils for your heavy-duty fleet. We also provide OEM transmission and gear oils. Our oil products help to extend the life of your engine and maintain your warranty requirements.

We also provide hydraulic fluids for all types of applications. We have a large variety of great products for various needs. We are sure to have a product that will provide proper lubrication. Our extended life coolants offer advanced protection for big rig cooling systems.

If you are a fleet owner, we are here to provide your vehicle with the ongoing lubrication needs to keep them running properly. We offer easy and cost-efficient commercial fueling services for all types of fleet trucks and vehicles. Our comprehensive fueling solutions make it easy to keep your vehicles serviced while at the same time offering an affordable option. Our services make it easy for your employees to do their jobs without having to worry about maintaining their vehicles. Using our services can improve employee productivity and ensure safe and secure transportation. Contact Hays Oil today to learn more about our fuel and lubrication services for individual and fleet vehicles.

Engine Oil Jackson County Oregon
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Engine Oil Jackson County Oregon
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